FMTC’s Recap of Affiliate Summit East 2018

Our team had a great time attending Affiliate Summit East in NYC, where FMTC was a silver sponsor. The event took place July 29-31 in the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Affiliate Summit gathers thousands of representatives from all over the affiliate industry. This includes merchants, agencies, affiliates, solution providers, and more.       […]


How Does FMTC Process Deals?

  Many of you already know that FMTC collects data from networks, which is then processed by our data engineer team. The result is thousands of deals being available in our deal bank. But wouldn’t you like to know more details about how your deals get from point A to point B? I’d like to […]


Program Managers – Common Questions Answered

  If you work with FMTC as an advertiser, you know we provide thousands of offers to publishers every day. Our system and data entry team work hard throughout the day to aggregate and verify offers. Then, your affiliates receive your deals in an automated fashion via our datafeeds. Those are the basics of our […]

benefits of working with FMTC

Benefits of Working with FMTC

Affiliate Program Managers: Discover the benefits of working with FMTC. By working with us, you are able to gain more exposure for your program, have your offers promoted, and recruit top producing affiliates! This post explains more.

FMTC’s Favorite Healthy Snacks

Last week, I wrote about some energizing foods to get you through your busy workday day. This week, we wanted to share a couple healthy snack recipes that our team members enjoy! Seaside Energy Balls This recipe comes from Amy Walsh who has 3 kids that love these! Ingredients: 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats 1/2 cup all […]


Energizing Foods to Fuel Your Work Day

Warm summer days can often make you feel sluggish in the afternoon while you’re working. Do you always reach for more caffeine to keep you from faceplanting on your desk? That may help, depending on how much caffeine you’ve already had but not always. There are tons of other great foods that give you the energy to get […]

FMTC Welcomes Melanie May, Senior Product Technology Team Lead

Join us in welcoming our newest FMTC team member! We’ve been expanding our team lately, and we’d like to introduce you to our latest addition to our tech team. We’re thrilled to announce Melanie May has recently taken a full-time position as Senior Product Technology Team Lead to manage our tech projects. Her job will […]

Benefits of Work Buddies

With the 40+ hour work week many of us have, doing it without work buddies seems daunting! If we didn’t converse at work and share some morale, our social lives would suffer. You may think friends at work cause people to slack but there are actually multiple benefits of having work buddies. Productivity Most jobs […]

Summer Holidays

Program Managers – Summer Holidays to Promote

The days are warmer, kids are getting out of school, and ice cream always sounds good. It must be summer! As everyone is gearing up for the season, use these summer holidays to promote your products. Don’t forget to mention the holiday you’re promoting in your deal text so that we include it in our […]