Best Practices For Working With Bloggers

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best practices for working with bloggers

Best Practices For Working With Bloggers

Bloggers are an incredible asset to the performance marketing industry and being able to connect with them can be a vital part of your program’s success. People trust bloggers’ opinions more than advertisers, so having a blogger promote your product can have a significant impact. While at Affiliate Summit East, I attended a few sessions that provided great advice on how to connect with bloggers. I’d like to share some tips I learned with you that can encourage forming positive relationships with bloggers.

To do or not to do?

Here are a few do’s and don’ts when trying to connect with bloggers:

  • Do build relationships!
    • Bloggers care about relationships. It will make them more likely to respond to emails and join programs.
  • Don’t use terms that could be intimidating.
    • Make your pitches easy to understand and be clear in what you’re saying. Bloggers get hundreds of emails a day, so make sure yours is attractive and comprehensible.
  • Do help coach them.
    • Offer tips and ideas of what to write about the product, provide webinars, or create a private Facebook group just for your bloggers.
    • Help answer any questions they may have.
  • Don’t expect bloggers to promote products they’ve never used.
    • Bloggers write about products they’ve actually held and tested.
    • Try sending samples or providing a special code for incentive.

How we facilitate working with bloggers

If you haven’t heard of it yet, our Fresh Press Media platform enables bloggers to easily access 169,000+ deals from 9,000+ brands without having to navigate multiple affiliate networks. Bloggers can search by merchant, keyword, network, deal type, or category to find the perfect deal for their site.

Bloggers can then copy and paste the monetized link with either their network affiliate ID or Skimlinks ID. So simple!

example of pods from coupondad
Pod example from

Another great feature we provide to bloggers are Pods. These automated blocks of monetized content can go anywhere on their site and ensure that they will have current and new deals – no updating necessary! If you have a beauty and cosmetics program and a blogger creates a pod for that category, they will have an automated source of deals that is continually refreshed.

We strive to help bloggers access great deals for their sites, as well as help advertisers reach bloggers and have them join their affiliate programs. If you’re an advertiser and would like to send out a personalized message about your program or specific offers for bloggers, feel free to ask about our new Blogger Outreach Placement.


Thanks to the following ASE speakers for sharing their knowledge:

Anne Parris – @notasupermom

Ciaran Blumenfeld @momfluential

Debbie Bookstaber – @buzzmommy

Kelby Carr – @typeamom

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