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Stop wasting time looking for affiliates in the wrong places. Stop wasting time trying to paginate through Google results. Stop wasting time just sending the same email to the same five target publishers. Publisher Discovery is your best tool to instantly find top affiliates in your vertical.


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  • An Affiliate Recruiter’s Dream – Choose your vertical, and see exactly which sites are running affiliate links in your space.
  • Get Relevant + High Traffic Affiliates – Publisher Discovery uses AI to rank each affiliate by relevance and website traffic, helping you to prioritize your recruitment flow.
  • Find Your Competitors – And see which publishers are promoting them as affiliates! Ensure you’re not missing out on any traffic opportunities
  • Maximize Your Time – Your time is worth a lot. Don’t waste it doing recruitment without the best tools. Publisher Discovery is the best tool for Agencies, or anyone representing a merchant program.

“FMTC’s new Publisher Discovery Tool is a game changer for affiliate recruitment. Having managed programs for almost 20 years, new partner acquisition is one of the most challenging parts of effective program management. The Publisher Discovery Tool, even at the base offering, gives advertisers tools to see competitors’ partners, perform a gap analysis to uncover prospective partners, and relevant contact info to streamline communication efforts. The Publisher Discovery Tool should the first stop for any advertisers’ recruiting efforts!”

– Robin,



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