Affiliate Roundup: Influencer Partnerships Evolve, De-Influencers Gain Traction

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This week in FMTC’s Affiliate Roundup: As the relationships between influencers, advertisers, and merchants become more intertwined, new players enter the field: de-influencers. Find these stories and the latest updates in affiliate in our roundup!

Best Practices, Explainers and Predictions

‘Influencers are advertisers’: Fashion and beauty brands on the evolution of affiliate marketing

A look at how the relationship between influencers and affiliate marketing have changed, and what it might mean for brands.

Source: Glossy

The Problem with Subnetworks – Part One

Pros and cons of subnetworks.

Source: Hello Partner

M&A, New Entrants and Raises

Top Online Partners Group acquires Sweden’s largest cashback provider

Top Online Partners Group (TOPG) acquires Refunder ahead of schedule.

Source: Business Leader

Case Studies, Profiles and Awards

Interview with Rakuten Advertising’s Managing Director of North America, Anthony Capano

What to expect from Rakuten Advertising, its partnership with Mavrck, and more.

Souce: mThink

Affiliate Adjacent

38% of customers made purchase after receiving WhatsApp or text message

Survey results indicate over a third of customers make a purchase after receiving a text, but 96% of participants report getting annoyed with text marketing.

Source: Business of Apps

CTV Reaches 98% Of U.S. Households, Global Programmatic Ad Spend Tops $3B

Stats on programmatic advertising for Roku, Samsung, and other platforms.

Source: MediaPost

Retail Media Networks: The Benefits, The Challenges And How You Can Use Them

An overview of retail media networks.

Source: CommerceNext

The Rise of De-influencers

How merchants can take advantage of the rising popularity of de-influencers.

Source: Practical Ecommerce

U.S. Home Video Spending To Shrink 8% In 4 Years, Streaming Declines

Americans are predicted to cut costs by downgrading or canceling video streaming services.

Source: MediaPost

U.S. Livestreamed Ecommerce To Grow 57% In 2023

Livestreamed e-commerce’s growth is expected to double this year in the US market.

Source: MediaPost

Walmart chips away at Amazon’s lead with wealthy online shoppers

Affluent shoppers looking to save money are giving Walmart+ a boost.

Source: Digital Commerce 360

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