2016 FMTC Tech Retreat – Yurt, Meat, Code

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2016 FMTC Tech Retreat

FMTC 2016 Tech Retreat

Last week was our annual “tech retreat.” We rented a yurt in Ithaca NY for a few days to work, reconnect, and have fun. As a remote company, it is crucial that we interact face to face. The boost to our morale and overall sense of being on a team is invaluable.

ithaca yurt


anthony's balancing actOur team is particularly outdoorsy, so it was only fitting that we hike every day in the local gorges. Walking on planned out trails doesn’t quite suit our personalities, so we carved our path through the Pennsylvania forests. Balancing on logs over creeks, pushing over dead trees and scaling (safely) rock faces was our form of entertainment, and entertaining it was…

tech retreat hiking

Code & Eggs

Every morning we ate a delicious eggs & bacon breakfast prepared by our resident food freak/paleo evangelist. Feel free to begin your journey of food enlightenment over at his personal site:

code and eggs for breakfast

Believe it or not, we did manage to get some good work done and have some great discussions. Our project for the week was writing out tests for crucial parts of our applications to ensure everything’s running smoothly. This saves us from having to go through the sites by hand every time we make a change, saving us time and making our products more reliable.

tech team coding

Over the past few days, we’ve grown together as a team in a deep way. Not only are we closer as coworkers but we are closer as friends. The relationships nurtured here will certainly outlast our working relationships, and for that, we are all grateful.

– The FMTC Tech Team

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