Affiliate Roundup: EU passes antitrust regulations; Partnership activation best practices

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In this week’s Affiliate Roundup, we put a spotlight on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), an antitrust regulation that limits companies like Google, Amazon, and Meta. Read more about this topic and more below!

Best Practices, Explainers and Predictions

5 Winning Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Get Sales in 2022

Five foundational tips to implement this year.

Source: Partnerize

A bespoke guide to partner activation

Five strategies to establish a good relationship with your partner.

Source: Acceleration Partners

Why Amazon makes you click a box to redeem coupons

The psychology behind coupons in the Amazon ecosystem.

Source: CNN – Money

Case Studies, Profiles and Awards

Meet Sibi Paul, Who Helps Celebrities To Convert Their Fans Into Money

Get to know the digital marketing expert who helps celebrities and individuals leverage their online popularity to gain revenue.

Source: Outlook

Publisher spotlight: theSkimm

A look at female-founded company theSkimm, a digital media company for millennial women.

Source: ShareASale

Affiliate Adjacent

Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta Face New EU Regs: Could Alter Business Models

The European Union has passed the Digital Markets Act (DMA), antitrust regulations to limit large tech companies.

Source: MediaPost

Antitrust Regulators Around The World Are More Than Ready To Rein In Big Tech

With the DMA passing in the EU, bills like American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which put limitations on companies like Amazon and Google, are gaining traction in the US.

Source: Ad Exchanger

As Retailers Eye Cookieless Future, Google Intros New Shopper Marketing Tools

Google doubles down on Google Shopping with Smart Shopping campaigns.

Source: Ad Exchanger

Microsoft Removed 3 Billion Ads In 2021

Microsoft takes aim at malicious ads.

Source: MediaPost

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