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FMTC Mobile Deals

Did you know that FMTC can process mobile deals for your sites? Shopping from mobile devices is a growing trend that continues to increase while desktop usage is on the decline. As a result, many sites are becoming mobile friendly, creating apps that are easy to use on smartphones and tablets. If a potential customer is visiting your site on their smartphone but is constantly having to zoom in and experiencing trouble navigating, chances are they are going to stop browsing. We don’t want that! If you haven’t already done so, becoming mobile friendly should be on your to-do list.

Note: Google should view your site as mobile friendly. You can easily see how your site measures up by using the Google Mobile Friendly Tool. This will give you tips on how you can improve your site for mobile users by checking for speed and responsiveness.

When we process deals for mobile devices, we are able to select mobile in the deal categories. Affiliates can even search in the deal bank exclusively for mobile deals and see results like this:

mobile deals screenshot

If your program has mobile site deals, please include it in the label or description and we’ll be sure to categorize it accordingly.

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