Affiliate Roundup: 2022 Lessons and 2023 Predictions

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This week in FMTC’s Affiliate Roundup: What does 2023 have in store for e-commerce and affiliate? We’re looking back at trends and including industry predictions!

Best Practices, Explainers and Predictions

How Influencers Make a Living with Affiliate Marketing Programs

Examples of successful creators who make money with affiliate.

Source: NewsAnyway

Product Review Site And The Impact Of Affiliate Links Scrutinized By NAD Again

How NAD handled Smile Direct’s case on review site impartiality – what might it mean for other sites?

Source: Mondaq

M&A, New Entrants and Raises

Publicis Groupe Acquires Personalization Platform Yieldify

Yieldify to become part of Epsilon.

Source: MediaPost

Events, Webinars and Podcasts

The Elevate Summit Vol 2: The CMO’s Playbook

Helen Southgate (Acceleration Partners), Stephanie Harris (PartnerCentric), Seb Bardin (Unilever), and Matt Frary (The Partner Agency) discuss CMOs.

Source: Affiliate Insider

What I learned about Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Insights on 2022.

Source: Affiliate Insider

Affiliate Adjacent

92% Of Small Business Owners Plan To Use TikTok Shop In 2023

Small business owners turn to TikTok to reach Gen Z consumers.

Source: MediaPost

Amazon job cuts escalate to more than 18,000

Amazon responds to industry slump with massive layoffs.

Source: Digital Commerce 360

Ecommerce in 2023: What do the experts predict?

E-commerce consultants and experts weigh in on social commerce, customer experience, and more.

Source: Econsultancy

Most Small Businesses Say TikTok Ads Drive Profits Within 6 Months

Small businesses get a quick return on their investment using the social platform.

Source: MediaPost

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