Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 11-24-2020

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 11-24-20

The text that accompanies each article is a summary or a quote from the respective article. As always, if you have an affiliate marketing news story that you’d like us to share, there is a submission link at the bottom of this post. 

Conversion Optimization Strategies for Increased Performance in Affiliate

Three key strategies for optimizing the conversion rates for existing partners to achieve your performance growth objectives.

Source: PerformanceIN

Everything Affiliate Managers Need to Know About Instagram Guides

Affiliate managers can create a short guide for passing on information to affiliates or onboarding new partners that include recommendations and tips in a scrollable and easy-to-read format.

Source: Affiliate Insider

Is There a Right Approach to Affiliate Technology?

Software as a Services (SaaS) platforms or affiliate networks? How to choose the right affiliate technology.

Source: Acceleration Partners

Partnering with Bloggers for a Successful Program

With more shoppers are looking for reviews and product recommendations, bloggers are a great publisher type to incorporate into your affiliate mix.

Source: All Inclusive Marketing

Protectionist Behavior and Isolationism in Affiliate Marketing Harm the Modern Marketer

Accountability and transparency will enlighten and shift the entire C-Suite’s mindset, so that we may realize the full potential of affiliates within the partnership ecosystem.

Source: ClickZ

The Impact of New Business Acquisitions During COVID-19 and What This Means for the Future of the Industry

Businesses have flexed and, in many cases, upended the traditional ways in which they conduct business. The business of mergers and acquisitions is no different.

Source: Pepperjam

8 Affiliate Marketing Secrets to Drive Revenue Quick in 2021

Tips that will sharpen your affiliate marketing game for the coming year.

Source: Powerhouse Affiliate

Calculate Content Versus Coupon Ratio for Your Merchants

Whether you are adding a new merchant to your site or evaluating a current partner, you need to know how much of their traffic comes from coupon sites versus content sites.

Source: Tricia Meyer

Preparing for Google’s Page Experience Update: What Should Marketers Do Between Now and May?

Get ready for the May 2021 rollout of Google’s Page Experience ranking update, which uses Core Web Vitals along with a number of other metrics to assess user experience quality.

Source: Econsultancy

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