Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 02-16-2021

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 02-16-21

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Affiliate YouTube Channels – How to Ensure Yours Builds Leads

Whether you are an existing Youtuber who is looking into nurturing affiliate links, or heading the other way and looking to build your own network and community, there are several things that you should know.

Source: Affiliate Insider

Purply Helps Businesses to Find and Track Affiliates to Leverage Campaigns

Purply, a recently launched a SaaS-based platform that makes it easy to find, connect, and track affiliates to help businesses optimize their campaigns for greater ROI.

Source: Top Wire News

Everything You Need to Know About Booking Placements in Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to booking placements, you want to make sure you’re ticking all the right boxes—while keeping your mind trained on consumer needs and trends—so you don’t miss out on optimizing any opportunities.

Source: Pepperjam

Awin Report 2021: How Businesses Recognized the Value of the Affiliate Model in 2020

Adaptability is one of the key themes in this year’s edition of the Awin Report, with many examples of businesses increasingly recognizing the value of the channel.

Source: ShareASale

Four Ways SEO Marketing Changed in 2020—and Where It’s Going in 2021

How we identify our changing needs and craft future-proof strategies will stand against the uncertainty we faced in 2020.

Source: Marketing Profs

SEO: Keyword Research for Product Content

Attracting a steady flow of site visitors from organic search results is vital for success. But achieving high rankings in those results requires optimizing a site with relevant content.

Source: Practical Ecommerce

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