Overcome Working from Home Obstacles – Quick Tips to Dominate Your Day

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Overcome Working from Home Obstacles

The freedom of working from home is a blessing. Working from home gives you the ability to juggle your schedule according to the demanding needs of life. You can set your hours and even work from a hotel. An added benefit of working remotely is not having to miss the hair-raising cheers as your child competes in his or her favorite sport or academic competition.

Balance – Making sure your productivity reflects your intended actions when you rise in the morning.

Working from home isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We romanticize how our day will unfold. We might make a to-do list the night before, pack the kids’ bags for their activities, plan meals, clean the office, then life begins. As we enter the storm of the day it knocks us off balance.

I’m going to share everyday working from home obstacles, as well as ideas to make your day run smoothly, making your vision a reality.

Dominate Your Schedule

Open the curtains to let the light in, make your favorite hot beverage, and think of the three things that bring you the most joy. Next, look at your family’s schedule and write in your work time. Post a whiteboard outside of your office that shows your focused working hours, family time, the kids’ activities, and even the vet appointments.

Stick as closely to the time that you set for your “in the zone” focus as you can. Taking charge of your day will improve your production, efficiency, and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Posting a schedule with your work hours will also make it clear to your family when they can expect you to be available. There are many valuable life skills that everyone in the house learns during this process.

Add a question and answer box so that you don’t have to be interrupted. Use the submissions to hold a fun, family Q&A.

Take Charge of Your Nutrition

We have delusions of grandeur when we start working from home. We’re going to improve our diet and lose 5 pounds. When the distractions gain a foothold, we feel stuck in a rut, and we’re frustrated; feeling like we are in a thick London fog.

Don’t worry; there are simple tricks to get you back in control. Open your trash can and get out your grocery list, we are going shopping, armed and ready for success.

Step 1- Throw out those donuts, Cinnabons, and multi-pack of chips (don’t give them to the kids.) These quick and easy snacks not only weigh you down physically but mentally as well.

What to replace them with and why?

Blueberries: These are sweet, packed full of antioxidants, and help improve cognitive function while supporting memory function. You can wash blueberries quickly and separate them into snack-sized containers to grab and go. This delicious snack pairs well with cheese, pretzels, carrots, or nuts. Make snack packs for the following day for you and the kids. Having these treats also helps promote productivity and decrease workflow distraction.

Tomatoes: Red, ripe, and delicious. They are also packed full of powerful antioxidants and lycopene. Lycopene is a carotene and carotenoid that protects the brain from free radical damage, decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s, and improves brain function.

Slice large tomatoes or snack on sweet grape tomatoes. Grab some cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil leaves. Cut them into bite size pieces, mix them, drizzle on some honey balsamic vinaigrette. Separate your mixture into snack or side salad sized containers for another great grab-n-go treat that tastes better the next day.

Replacing processed foods with raw, nutrient-rich foods will not only lead you straight out of that London fog but also help whittle your waistline and improve your mood.

Water: This crystal clear fluid is the river of life. It can boost your energy and help you focus. The average adult should drink 6-8, eight-ounce glasses per day. You can add in some blueberries, cucumbers, or other raw fruits and vegetables to keep your water natural.

We all know that dehydration is bad for your body, but did you know that it also shrinks your mental abilities? Just 4-8 hours without sufficient water can cause significant drops in your mood, leave you fatigued, cause headaches and difficulty concentrating.

If you like your water ice cold, put a mini-fridge in your office. You can also put your snacks in there and cut down on the amount of time you leave your work area and soak in distractions. If that isn’t an option, put some ice packs in a lunch box and bring four bottles of water into the office.

These slight changes, compounded over time, will make for tremendous increases in a positive direction.

I hope that you leave our workflow jam session excited about trying some new things, with ideas to better your scheduling, productivity, health, and overall home office experience.

Have an amazing week!

Amy Walsh - FMTC Data EngineerReferences –

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