Affiliate Roundup: Subscription, Survey and More

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

Subscription, Survey and More

Learn more about TripAdvisor’s foray into the subscription model. Also in this list: an interesting survey report on affiliate’s impact on publisher revenue. Stay up to date on affiliate marketing news with FMTC’s Affiliate Roundup.


Best Practices, Explainers, and Predictions

Digiday Research: Commerce is now a revenue stream for a majority of publishers

A Digiday survey of 126 publisher professionals showed that more than 60% earned at least some revenue from “commerce,” which roughly translates to affiliate. (Article behind paywall.)

Source: Digiday


How to Choose the Perfect Affiliate Software For Your eCommerce

A thoughtful guide on selecting a tracking platform.

Source: CustomerThink


What Exactly is Influencer Marketing? – A Deeper Dive

An explanation of influencer marketing.

Source: PerformanceIN


Seeking nominations for the top affiliate marketing programs for social-media influencers

Insider is compiling a list of the leading affiliate marketing platforms — nominate your favorite today!

Source: Insider


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketing overview by industry veteran Sarah Bundy. (Free paywall.)

Source: Adweek


M&A, New Entrants and Features

Sights set on global leadership: digidip and Yieldkit together ignite new stage in Affiliate Marketing

European players digidip and Yieldkit merge.

Source: Yahoo!Finance


Case Studies, Profiles, and Awards

What Hotels Can Learn from Tripadvisor’s New Program

A look into TripAdvisor Plus, a subscription model for the travel market.

Source: Hospitality Net


Red Ventures: An affiliate publisher with billions in sales that nobody knows

A profile of Red Ventures — in German! (But you can use Google Translate.)

Source: OMR


Events, Webinars, and Podcasts

Awin Talks: What new partner types are embracing the affiliate channel today

On the latest episode of Awin Talks: Global Head of Publisher Development Rick Leake talks trends.

Source: Awin


Affiliate Adjacent

WTF is server-side conversion tracking?

Pixel tracking is getting less effective due to issues like browser tracker blocking, Apple’s changes, and the announced end of third-party cookies in Chrome. Now, Facebook and Google are pushing for server-side tracking. (Article behind paywall.)

Source: Digiday


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