5 Reasons to Join FMTC For Merchants and OPMs

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FMTC is the largest and most accurate affiliate content database in the world. Think of FMTC as a slow cooker for merchants and OPMs, simply set it and forget it. We provide the tools and excellent customer service to efficiently pull the deals and products from the network and into your partners’ hands. We automate the process to save you time and potentially increase your revenue.


Why Choose FMTC?


Successful managers don’t do all of the work themselves. Instead, they delegate responsibilities to experienced staff. By delegating the deal processing to FMTC, merchants and OPMs will save precious time that can be used to focus on other important aspects of the business, therefore resulting in future growth and improved performance.


Member Features and Benefits


FMTC provides a variety of tools and services; some are free while others require a paid subscription. All users have access to an interface showing your program content. You’ll receive streamlined delivery, program listing management, and expert customer service at no cost. Free users can enter contact information and verify basic details in the FMTC Merchant Hub. All OPMs can use the OPM Directory to document contact info, social media links, and vital details. 


Premium Services for Premium Subscribers


Want faster deal processing and superior options that you can manage?


  • Premium subscribers will also enjoy special “pushed” deals, expedited deal processing, and have the ability to add and manage more details in the directory.
  • Share up to ten alerts each month that will appear in emails, our Twitter feed and Facebook page, and on the FMTC dashboard.
  • For each of your programs, you can download a CSV file for a record of all the deals processed in our database.
  • Your program will be listed in our weekly newsletter and will feature a description, program details, and a promotion of your choice.
  • Premium OPM subscribers can add descriptions and specialties, receive priority listing in the directory, and a “featured” tag on their listing.
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To contact us directly about Premium Merchant and OPM Services, please click here to fill out a request form. 


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