2019 FMTC Recap for Program Managers

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Looking back at 2019 I’m proud to say that we’ve accomplished a lot here at FMTC! We are constantly making improvements and brainstorming different ways to expand our services. Curious to know what we’ve done within the last year? Here is a recap of some things we accomplished.

Merchant & OPM Account Feature Improvements

If you have a program manager account with us, you may have noticed some new features we added. These include:

Deal Alerts

This premium feature highlights offers at the top of the publishers’ dashboard homepage. There is also an option to display them on FMTC’s social media pages. To make it easier to submit these deal alerts, we made it so when you’re selecting a date, you’ll get a notification if all the slots on that date are taken before you submit. Additionally, if you select the “Share via Social Media” box, a message will appear if the social media spots are taken (learn more and see examples here).

We also added the list of deal alerts that have been submitted. Users can now see Pending Alerts, Current Approved Alerts, and Past Alerts (learn more here).

Ongoing Deals Report

This report will send you information on all the ongoing links we have in our feed for your program(s). These links do not have a known expiration date so we want to make sure they are still valid.

If any of the links need to be removed, you can email [email protected] and let us know the Deal IDs of the expired links. Then, we can get that updated right away for you. The report looks like this:


Real-Time User Reporting

This report is only for our premium merchants & OPMs. It provides a count of how many publishers are accessing your program’s links via our feed. See an example below:

Additional Milestones

A couple of other notable accomplishments are worth mentioning. The first is that we focused on integrating new merchants and reached over 13,000 integrated programs. Right now we have a total of 13,794 affiliate programs in our system and that number is growing each week.

In addition, we made significant improvements to our processing times & had a very successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday. We broke our record in how many deals were processed on Black Friday at 8,227. There were also 2,717 active deals reviewed and the team resolved 94 tickets that day. This was also the first year we completely cleared out our processing queues on Black Friday, which is a hard thing to do on the busiest day of the year.

2019 was a very successful year for FMTC and we look forward to providing additional improvements in 2020.


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