Q4 Tips – Ensure Your Deals are Optimal in FMTC!

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Q4 Tips

FMTC works with top-performing publishers and works round the clock to collect thousands of offers for their sites. Many publishers rely on our datafeed to get the most up to date deals and know that they are working properly. Using our automated datafeed saves them tons of time and hassle from having to aggregate and test offers themselves.

That being said, making sure your deals are available in our system is definitely crucial in the upcoming busy season. You may have seen some of these tips before, but here are some best practices as a reminder!

Q4 Tips and Best Practices

To ensure FMTC pulls your offers and makes them available to publishers ASAP please follow these guidelines.

  • Use Text Links – We don’t pull banners so be sure to enter your deals as text links.
    • We also pull Coupon/Deal links if the network you’re using has that option.
  • Include Dates – Please include the start and end dates for each promotion. If there is an end date missing, we usually have to contact the program rep to obtain the expiration date. This can result in delayed deal distribution. If the deal is non-expiring, it would be helpful to state that in the label or description.
  • Include Terms & Restrictions – Does your offer has a minimum purchase requirement or restrictions? Please be sure to include those details in the ad copy or description. Many times offers missing information are put in our hold queue. This means they are not processed until we’ve contacted the program manager to verify a non-working code, usually due to undisclosed exclusions or minimum requirements.
  • Update Deals in the Network – If there is a change to a deal, (e.g. expiration dates, product prices, terms and conditions, etc.) be sure to update the information in the network. Our system detects changes made to labels or coupons. Then, our data entry team reviews the changes and makes the appropriate updates to our feed. We pull data from the API about every 30 minutes and changes are made as we receive them.
    • It’s also a good practice to make deals available in the network at least 24 hours before they go live. This allows us to pull them into our system to be tested and added to our feed the moment they’re active.
    • Note – If you have any urgent changes, please email [email protected] and we’ll get the deal updated ASAP. 
  • Use Coupon Codes – Seasonal codes are always a hit so be sure to create special, limited-time codes for each holiday. Many customers search for codes when shopping online, especially during the holiday season.

If you have any questions about these Q4 tips or need assistance with anything, please reach out to [email protected].


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