Program Managers – Common Questions Answered

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If you work with FMTC as an advertiser, you know we provide thousands of offers to publishers every day. Our system and data entry team work hard throughout the day to aggregate and verify offers. Then, your affiliates receive your deals in an automated fashion via our datafeeds. Those are the basics of our service! But, you may still have questions so here are a few common ones I receive from advertisers regularly.


How can I make sure all of our coupons and deals are included in FMTC?


In order for a merchant’s deals to be in our feed, FMTC needs to be approved for your affiliate program. If your store is not in our Merchant Hub, please contact us and let us know. Once you partner with FMTC, we can create a manager account for you to monitor the offers we are listing. If you are already an FMTC merchant and would like a manager account, let us know!

Any public offers you post as coupons or text links at the network are automatically pulled into our system. Please note that we do not pull banners or product feeds at this time.


How does FMTC pull deals from the networks?


We pull network APIs to gather the text links you have available at the network. This allows us to keep deals as up to date as possible. If a merchant is on ShareASale, then their deals are automatically available via SAS’s API. If there is a change to a deal, (e.g. expiration dates, product prices, terms and conditions, etc.) be sure to update the information on the network.

Our system detects changes made to labels or coupons. Then, our data entry team reviews the changes and makes the appropriate updates. We pull data from the API about every 30 minutes and edits are made as we receive them. If you update a deal at the network, you do not need to submit a ticket. It can take up to an hour or so for changes to be made, depending on our current workload.


How often do publishers update deals on their sites?


Each client pulls feeds at least once a day, but some do it every hour. It depends on how they are set up. If you have an account, you can log in to ensure your program’s deals are processed and correct. If everything is accurate in our system, but the deals are not showing up on the client’s site, you may need to reach out to them directly. You can even let us know, and we’ll assist you in contacting them.


Why don’t I see any sales from FMTC?


FMTC does not earn commission because we do not generate sales. We aggregate deals, validate and standardize them, and then provide those deals to our clients. We strip our ID and replace them with our clients’ affiliate IDs, which is why you will not see any sales attributed to us. You may see clicks, but that is only from our data entry team testing the offers.

Let’s say you’re working Ebates, for example. They pull your deals from our datafeed, replace FMTC’s affiliate ID with their ID, then post the deals onto their website. When a customer buys something using a link on Ebates’ site, you will see the sales under Ebates’ account.

Why do I see “Relationship Not Verified” on my Merchant Hub profile page?


relationshipThe “relationship not verified” you’re seeing is a section for the publishers who use our feed. We use Merchant Sync to determine if they are joined to a program. Green means they’re joined, red means they’re not. Orange means that we don’t have their details for the network, so the status is unknown. It helps them to know if they can use your program’s deals. Since you have a merchant’s account, you will always see the status as orange because you do not have a network ID entered into your account.


If you still have questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to enlighten you!

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