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Advertisers – have you reached your full potential for connecting with shoppers and maximizing sales? Chances are you’re leaving money on the table. There is always a risk for shoppers to visit your site, put products in their shopping cart, and never go through with the transaction. This is where UpSellit comes in to help you prevent shoppers from slipping away. They can also assist in getting bigger orders and gaining lifetime customers.

UpSellit is a site abandonment solution that has increased conversion rates for thousands of businesses over the last 13 years. From strategy to optimization, their team of conversion experts design and develop unique campaigns that align with your brand and customer journey.

Additionally, UpSellit is 100% performance-based with no setup fees or commitments. They work within the affiliate model and earn commission the same way as any other publisher.

UpSellit Solutions

Here are the cross-device conversion strategies that UpSellit uses to hook customers:

Email Remarketing

Now you can collect more leads and convert lost customers with UpSellit’s PreCapture® technology. This tool monitors specific form fields and saves shopper information without requiring page submission. The shopper’s contact info is then combined with their cart contents for remarketing. After that, a series of personalized emails are sent to convert each individual shopper.

Lead Capture

Turn traffic into sales by providing inboxed incentives, cart preservers, and availability alerts. Inboxed Incentives gives visitors an incentive to provide their email address, such as a discount for subscribing to your newsletter.

The Cart Preserver invites shoppers to save their cart. Then, you can secure the conversion with a series of dynamic emails that addresses purchase concerns and highlights cart details.

If you have trouble with customers leaving due to sold out items, the Availability Alert is a great solution. With it, you can engage visitors viewing a sold-out item with the opportunity to receive an update when the product becomes available.

Targeted Tactics

Target abandoning shoppers with UpSellit’s Abandonment Detection technology. It monitors hundreds of behavioral metrics to predict the exact moment of abandonment and simultaneously launch an engagement, like a free gift.

Use Real-time Recommendations with UpSellit’s proprietary Behavioral Parsing engine. This allows you to learn your visitors’ purchase behavior and optimize product recommendations, resulting in maximum profitability.

You can also create urgency with Low Stock Alerts. Remind shoppers at the exact moment of abandonment that items in their cart are in danger of selling out.


Performance Analytics

UpSellit’s robust reporting engine provides you with all of the metrics you’ll need to evaluate performance, analyze visitor behavior, and optimize marketing efforts. This ensures you’ll have maximum impact across every channel.

Want to learn more? You can request a live demo here or contact Greg Pizinger at [email protected].



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