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this is jeopardy

Picture this: You have been picked to be on the smartest show on national television – Jeopardy!

You now have 30 seconds to share the most interesting thing about yourself.

What would you say?

I asked the FMTC team, and here is what they came up with:


“I stayed in the house from A Christmas Story.”
Very long story short- my family and I spent a night in the house from A Christmas Story and “Randy” was the off-hours caretaker.


“I spent 13 years working in a prison, til I built my dream job.”



“I am from a royal bloodline”
Thanks to my dad, I am half Native American and we are actually from the royal bloodline of the Mohave tribe (a.k.a Mojave) in Arizona. The picture on the left is my dad fancy dancing when he was young (from a newspaper), the top right is him walking me down the aisle, and the bottom right is my grandfather who the royal blood comes from.


“I am CEO of a company and get to work in PJs”


“I won over my husband by becoming a pierogi making factory ”
He told me I had one thing left to do to get a ring… I laughed and figured he was nuts, but played along… “You have to make Pierogis from scratch.” I accepted the challenge, immediately called his mom for the family recipe and got to work. 112 pierogis later, and a successful taste testing, we went shopping.


“ At age 5, I was on Sesame Street”


“I co-run a wedding videography blog.”
About a year ago, myself and a guy named Tim took over a wedding videography blog. I had begun shooting wedding videos and Tim was shooting full time and this blog had helped us both progress. When the owner announced he was going to stop maintaining it, Tim and I reached out to and ultimately took it over.


“I used to competitive roller-skater”


“I spoke Spanish first”


“My dad used to hang out with Presidents Lyndon B Johnson and Richard Nixon.”
During my father’s military service, he was a teleprompter operator for President Lyndon B Johnson and did a lot of his work in the White House. He served during some of the Nixon presidency, too, but my understanding is that Nixon didn’t use a teleprompter, so he performed other tasks related to speech prep during his administration. The picture here is one of him recording Nixon’s audio.


“I met my husband in 9th grade”


“I go on weekend backpacking trips each year, but dream about backpacking the entire Appalachian Trail.”

Amy Powell

“I paid someone to electrocute me.”
We ran the Tough Mudder a couple of years back. Ignorance was bliss in the fact that I thought being electrocuted couldn’t be all that bad, a bee sting maybe. I was most afraid to jump into a dumpster full of ice water. That turned out to be my favorite obstacle. The Electric Eel was the worst, army crawling through a ditch full of water with live wires hanging just above you pulsing electric currents through them. The shock would throw your shoulders right to the ground. Jesse had to reach in and drag me out at the end because I was ALL DONE.



“I climbed an active volcano.”
Lassen Peak, the 2nd tallest volcano in North Carolina. (behind me – the picture is taken from the hike we did the next day) Also, behind me is Mt Shasta which is also on our list.


Amy Walsh

“I am a master life juggler”

My life goes fast
But never slow.
Three children
Keep me running to and fro.

Smiles and laughter
From ear to ear.
The uplifting chants
and sibling cheers,
as encouragers from the sidelines.

A full boat,
Not a pound left to spare.
Work and school-
One more thing and
It is underwater I fear.

But God as my life raft,
We never sink.
And I get the joy of being
This Master Life Juggler
You see!

Your turn

What would you say if you had 30 seconds to tell the world the most interesting thing about yourself?


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