Thankful for Affiliate

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What are you thankful for this year?

Written by Brook Schaaf


Many people don’t like their jobs. Stressful circumstances notwithstanding, this has never been the case for me in more than two decades in the affiliate channel.

Moreover, I suspect this is true for most people in our space, as evidenced by the fact that many who leave affiliate return. Like the city of Prague, affiliate has claws.

So — along with blessings of friends, family, and comforts — this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to be in this space with so much familiarity and novelty, both in terms of people and technology. (I’m also thankful that Black Friday has spread out because it makes it easier for us to process deals!)

Thank you especially to the FMTC team, our subscribers, and all the networks, agencies, merchants, and others we partner with.

I hope yours is a good one.

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