Recap of FMTC Data Processed in January 2020

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Recap of Data Processed in January FMTC


Data Processed in January 2020 vs. 2019


Our data processing team is off for a strong start in 2020! It’s time for the highlights of our January deals processed. Below, we’ve included a visual comparison of different statistics from our data processing during January 2020 compared to January 2019.

FMTC’s data processing team continues to process record numbers of deals to increase our value to subscribers. 


23% Increase in Total & Daily Average Incoming Deals


We saw a 23% increase in total incoming deals in January compared to last year: 


Total incoming deals

Our daily average incoming deals also increased by 23%:


Average daily deals


6% Increase in Total Deals Processed


FMTC’s deals processed increased by 6% this January:


Total deals processed


90% Increase in New Merchants Integrated


The largest increase was in our merchants added in January 2020 compared to 2019. Our data team processed 90% more merchants this year compared to last year. 

Total merchants integrated


Each new merchant and deal added brings new opportunities for our subscribers. We look forward to continuing to increase the benefits offered to our clients.


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