Merchant & Agency Services


We have subscription options based on the number of merchants and programs you manage. Take advantage of our Freemium plan or get even more tools and features with a Premium plan.


Subscription Levels and Pricing


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Merchant Premium

In House Program Account

Agency Premium

Multiple Program Access Account
Content Management
Manage Program Details
FreshReach Joined to Program
Access to Web Directories
Browse deals
More Frequent Evergreen Checking
Representative + VIP Ticketing (when rep is offline)
Real Time Report
Preferred Merchant Label
Expedited deal processing
Newsletter Inclusion (when first added)
Featured Program
Premium Program Listing
Deal Alerts - 5
Pushed Deals
Spotlight Blog Post
Case Study Coordination - speak to Rep
Intro email to welcome them to premium
Added to newsletter subscription
Eligible for discounts on a la carte items



$50 per month

Starting at $75 per month


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