Premium Merchants: Highlight Your Deals

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Get your deals to your affiliates quickly and easily

So, you have an affiliate program – great start! And even better, you’ve got affiliate partners with loyal audiences. But how do you get your deals and coupons to them quickly? How can you make it easier for your affiliates to grab their monetized links? FMTC’s Premium Merchant services offer solutions to get your deals out to your affiliates as soon as possible!

Expedited Deal Processing

We’re in the business of saving your business valuable time. That’s why our premium merchants get expedited deal processing. Your deals and coupons will be available for your affiliates within one business hour, guaranteed. The sooner your deals go out to your customers, the sooner you and your affiliate partners can make money!

Deal Alerts

Get the word out on your deals and promotions! We’ll highlight your deals on the FMTC dashboard, shout them out on our socials, and send them straight to our clients’ inboxes. Premium merchants can share up to five deal alerts each month.

Pushed Deals

FMTC makes it easier for your affiliates to find your deals quickly. We’ll take your deals scattered in different networks and put them all on one simple feed. You can even push new coupons, sales, and offers on top of what’s published in the networks and make them available to all affiliates or exclusive to select affiliates.

Ready to take your affiliate marketing program to the next level? Contact our Merchant Relationships Manager to get started!

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