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Have you ever submitted a deal alert just to find out that all the slots are taken? Or maybe you wanted to submit social alerts but didn’t know those spots were taken either? Good news! We have a couple of updates to the Deal and Program Alerts feature (available in the premium account). Now, when you’re selecting a date, you’ll get a notification if all the slots on that date are taken before you submit. Additionally, if you select the “Share via Social Media” box, a message will appear if the social media spots are taken.

Selecting Dates

We currently allow up to 6 deal alerts per day, which appear on the dashboard homepage. Here is an example of what one looks like if you haven’t seen them:

These appear at the top of the publisher dashboard accounts and are the first thing publishers see when logging in. When submitting them, you have the option of selecting which date you’d like it displayed.

Now, if all the slots are taken for the current date a message will appear. This way you won’t have to find out after you’ve tried to submit that the date is unavailable and then need to re-enter information.

Social Media Sharing

Previously, there was only 1 Social Alert spot available per day (so as to not clutter our feed with multiple deal alerts). Now, there are 2 Social Alerts spots available each day – 1 for Facebook and 1 for Twitter. If one of those platforms is taken, you’ll see a notification and our system will auto-select the open slot.


If there aren’t any social alerts slots available for the chosen date, you’ll see a notification for that.

We hope these improvements are helpful! Feel free to let us know if you have any other suggestions to make the premium features easier for you.

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