New Reports Available in Program Manager Accounts

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We recently created a couple of new reports for our program managers who have a merchant or OPM account. These include the Ongoing Deals Report for all account users and Real-Time Reporting for premium users. Originally, these were only going to be sent via email on a monthly basis. Now, you are able to view these reports anytime via your FMTC account. You will see these new reports under the Manage Programs tab.

The Ongoing Deals Report lists all the ongoing links we have in our feed for your program(s). These links do not have an expiration date so we wanted an easy way for you to make sure they are still valid. Now you can monitor them anytime and let us know if any links need to be taken down or updated.

The Real-Time Reporting provides a count of how many publishers are accessing your program’s links via our feed. As mentioned previously, this one is only available to our premium subscribers.

Feel free to email [email protected] anytime if you need any of your links updated or if you need assistance with your account.

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