New for Program Managers: Ongoing Deals Report & Real-time Reporting

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Good news! We have added 2 new reports for our free and premium program manager accounts. The first one is an Ongoing Deals Report and the second is Real-Time Reporting. Here are the details on each one.

Ongoing Deals Report

This will send you information on all the ongoing links we have in our feed for your program(s). These links do not have a known expiration date so we want to make sure they are still valid. The report looks like this:

If any of the links need to be removed, you can email [email protected] and let us know the Deal IDs of the expired links. Then, we can get that updated right away for you. Keep a lookout for this monthly report and let us know if you have any suggestions for changes.


Real-Time Reporting

This one is only for our premium merchants & OPMs. It provides a count of how many publishers are accessing your program’s links via our feed. See an example below:

We’re excited to keep improving the features we provide to program managers and will be adding even more this year. Stay tuned!

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