Link Updates & Removals – How Do They Work in FMTC?

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Link Updates

Have you ever changed a deal last minute or had to remove it early? If so, you may be wondering how that works with FMTC. Will the changes will be updated in FMTC’s feed? To help you ensure we have the most accurate information, here are details on how we update links.


Changes to Existing Links

If you need to update an active offer, the first step is to edit it in the network. Our system detects changes to links including ad copies, dates, coupon codes, and landing pages. Once our system pulls the change from the network API, it goes to our Change Queue. In this queue, data engineers double check the offer to make sure everything is accurate. Then, they make the updates to the deal in our feed. After that, deals are updated on publishers’ sites when they pull their next feed update.


Removing/Archiving Links

Let’s say you sell out of a product and need to pull a deal early. Will this deal be removed from FMTC’s feed? The short answer is yes, but there is a process by our system that has to take place first. If a link ID is not detected in 3 consecutive API calls, the link is removed automatically. This helps to prevent links from accidentally being removed, especially if there are any API glitches.


Things to Note

How Often Do We Make API Calls? – This actually varies based on the network but for most major networks, we pull updates every 15-30 minutes. Some smaller networks could be as little as once a day, but this is rare.

Urgent Link Removals or Updates – If you have made a change to a link or need it removed ASAP, please send a ticket to [email protected] so we can make the updates to our feed.

Recycled Links – If a link is updated after a previous deal expired or was archived, our system DOES NOT resubmit the new deal information to our processing queues. This means that if you use the same link ID for an old offer that was removed, the new deal will not be added to our feed. The solution for this is to create a new link in the network or to update the link before it expires.


Program Manager Accounts

Whether you’re an in-house program manager, OPM, or a network account manager, we want to help you monitor your deals in our feed. We offer free accounts so that you can view the deals we have in our feed for your program(s), add details to your Merchant Hub profile, and send support tickets if you need help with anything.

If you’d like an account created or need assistance with your account. please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist!


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