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The Performance Marketing Association is the first formal organization to represent the affiliate marketing space. It offers members a means to learn, share and communicate about important topics in this growing industry. PMA council members share their knowledge in order to outline best practices and create helpful resources. Their mission is to champion and protect accountable performance marketing. The PMA’s main goals are to:

    • Promote the growth of the industry
    • Help model standards and best-practices
    • Advocate on behalf of the businesses that comprise the performance marketing industry

There are 6 councils that PMA members can volunteer to be a part of including the following:

  1. Compliance Council
  2. Publisher Recruitment and Education Council
  3. Industry Advancement Council
  4. Measurements and Insights Council
  5. Coupons & Deals Council
  6. Retailer and Merchant Council

The Coupons & Deals Council

I personally have been part of the Coupons & Deals Council for a few years and have enjoyed contributing to multiple whitepapers and blog posts. The council’s mission is “to create and impart a deeper understanding of the value of working with coupon and deal publishers for merchants. Through educational materials and case studies, the council plans to clearly demonstrate the proven value of coupon and deal publishers in the performance marketing equation. In addition, the council will work to develop guidelines for publishers in the space to ensure that ethical standards and best practices are being followed.”

The Coupons & Deals Council is looking for new members to bring their knowledge of the industry and help create more helpful resources. We would love for you to join! If you’re interested, please reach out to Rachel Guillot here. Or, if you’d like to learn more about and/or join the PMA, view the website here.

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