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Streamline your affiliate program management with FMTC’s Merchant Services

An affiliate program is one of the best ways to reach your audience. Last year alone, $71 billion in e-commerce sales were made through affiliate marketing! But managing an affiliate program comes with challenges. Where do you find good affiliates? How can you get your deals and offers to them? And how can you keep track of it all?

FMTC is integrated with 19 of the biggest affiliate networks, so you can get your deals, coupons, and offers in front of thousands of affiliates. The best part: FMTC is FREE to join!

Here’s what you can get as a Freemium Merchant:

  • Push your deals straight to affiliates: Your deals and coupons won’t get lost in the ether – they’ll be delivered to a single feed for affiliates to access.
  • Attract the best affiliates for your niche: You’ll get a listing in our Merchant Directory, making it easy for affiliates to find YOU.
  • Get help quickly: You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Our customer support is there to answer your questions – within two business hours! Talk to real people by phone call or email.

Growing and managing an affiliate program is difficult, but FMTC’s Merchant Services makes it easy. Contact our merchant services representative to get started!

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