FMTC’s Merchant Hub is Now The Directory

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If you haven’t noticed yet, we updated our Merchant Hub and it’s now called the Directory! Although our directory primarily consists of affiliate programs, we also have an OPM Directory. This includes details on the agencies we work with in case anyone is looking to outsource their program management.

If you’re logged into your FMTC account, you can view programs by clicking on “Directory” under the Links & Tools tab:

To view the OPMs we work with, you’ll find this under the Relationships tab:

If you’d like your agency or any of your programs to be added, please let us know! We are also working on expanding the content we provide on merchant profile pages so you may see some changes in the near future.

Affiliate Program Content

Right now we include basic program information on merchant’s profile pages such as:

  • Website URL
  • Primary Country
  • Ship-to Countries
  • Payment Methods

We also have network information that lists which network(s) the program is on, their network ID(s), and join links so affiliates can go to the network sign up page. If you’re a program manager and want to know what your FMTC ID is, you can find that here with the network info:

Program managers also have the option of adding additional information via their FMTC account. This includes contact information, commission rate, and any restrictions. Premium subscribers have even more options such as adding a program description, affiliate program welcome message, and any special opportunities they may have for partners.

If you have any suggestions on what details to add to our profile pages, feel free to comment below. FMTC is striving to provide the most comprehensive list of affiliate programs and we’re always looking for improvements!

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