FMTC’s Alan Rapoport Talks Deals, Coupons and Affiliates as Brands

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FMTC’s Datafeed Client Relationship Manager, Alan Rapoport, was the guest this week on JEBCommerce’s Profitable Performance Marketing podcast. Joining JEBCommerce Founder and CEO, Jamie Birch, Alan discussed a wide range of issues

With more than 16 years of experience in the online marketing space, Alan has a wealth of insight and a unique take on how coupon and deal sites have evolved.

He talks about adjustments he’s made – both personally and professionally – during the pandemic. And digs into his background as the Co-Founder/COO/CFO and Director of Merchant Management at This provides interesting lessons as Alan, and his brother Neil sold DealTaker, then bought it back – only to sell it again.

The talk also turns to the need for companies to have both an innovator and implementer to be successful. This is useful information for any small company (including affiliate business) that is looking to be acquired.  

True to his roots in the coupon space, Alan dives into the issues advertisers have with affiliate deal sites. According to Alan, the power is shifting to the affiliates as many have themselves become brands. He also focuses on the rise and acceptance of toolbars as well as how coupon and deal sites don’t always benefit from working with more merchants. Alan explains how deal sites should be seen by merchants as a valuable cart abandonment tool.

He also notes that  DealTaker worked with FMTC and why FMTC was a natural fit for his next career move. There is some great discussion about FMTC’s current services and tools (including FMTC’s toolbar extension) as well as innovations that are in the works.

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