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Painstakingly preserving the character and patterns ingrained in each piece of timber, be it from Kentucky Bourbon barrels or Yankee™ Stadium seats, Original Grain ensures every timepiece is a one of its kind. Born to chronicle your accomplishments and built to withstand them, every Original Grain watch meets the perfect balance of beauty and durability. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, innovation, and next-level craftsmanship, Original Grain has emerged as a world-class creator of watches and accessories, advancing the limits of what wood and steel can achieve.


How it Started

Inspired by their Pacific Northwest roots, and trusting their instincts to trailblaze, brothers Ryan and Andrew Beltran set forth on a mission in 2013: Create an entirely unique timepiece out of wood and steel. The seamless fusion of all-natural, sustainable hardwoods and stainless steel proved to be an instant and enduring smash, both on Kickstarter and in the wild. However, it was the bold stroke to use reclaimed wood, wood with a story, that redefined what one should expect from a watch.


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* Dedicated program management from the team at ebove & beyond


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