FMTC Featured Merchant: Mossy Barber

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Mossy Barber

Mossy Barber is a premium men’s grooming and shaving e-shop for men who want to go completely Plastic Free. Their products are predominantly hand-made with natural and sophisticated ingredients. Products are all plastic-free, organic and 100% effective. Mossy Barber also operates a workable delivery model. With orders of three or more products, special gift items are placed in a box kit. Additionally, there is free shipping on every order over $30.

The Mossy Barber model is simple – create a subscription for your daily shave and wash items, and choose your reoccurring delivery schedule. That’s it! Bathroom stocked = planet saved. No commitment, no contract, just affordable Plastic-Free shaving, and bathroom items straight to your door when you need it.

What Makes Mossy Barber Unique?

Mossy Barber works with two key premium producers who have demonstrated high quality and commitment to providing a 100% plastic-free, organic product line. This is because they strongly believe in excellence crafted in creative abilities. They’ve got one of the best products on the market. Handmade with proven quality.

Only two brands are sold on – Alluvian and Georganics. Mossy Barber is one of the only US e-commerce shops that offers Georganics organic and plastic-free oral care products!

About Alluvian Products

The products and packaging do not incorporate plastics in any way and are recyclable, as well as biodegradable. The products have been enriched with the essential minerals found in alluvial fans, gotten from the pure layers of the earth’s crust, water bodies and lattices (colored) from salt. These materials are necessary precursors of their products, essential in aiding the natural process of exfoliation, detoxification, and rejuvenation.

About Georganics Products

Georganics specialize in providing full natural oral care product which is environmentally friendly, plastic-free, healthy and sustainable. With the right proportion and caliber of high-quality ingredients, Georganics has successfully saturated the world with safe and organic oral care products.

Only natural ingredients are used that are PETA certified and packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials. Their drive stems from making a difference in the production of earth-friendly products. This is why plastic-free and biodegradable packaging is used, great for recycling and saving the earth!

Mossy Barber Affiliate Program

  • Offers CPA or Pay Per Sale model with a commission of 20-25% for all sales, especially Black Friday and Holidays.
  • Average order value is between $35-$50
  • Program available on ShareASale

As a US-based eCommerce store, only US traffic is requested through blogs, emails, and ads via social media and websites.

Current Promotions

Use Code: SAVE15 to get 15% any item in the store.
Use Code: GETKIT10 to get $10 Off Mossy Barber Shaving Kit or Plastic Free Oral Kit.

featured products
Plastic Free Oral Care Kit
6 Month Plastic Free Subscription. Try shaving and grooming products for a flat monthly fee. Customers save $200 during those six months on products.









Want to try before you buy?

Travel-sized shave soap sample kits and hand soap kits are available.

Shave Soap Sample Kit
Hand Soap Sample Kit









The most popular product is the Mossy Barber Shave Box & Kit:

Mossy Barber is one of the few US e-shops that provide men’s grooming and shaving products that are eco-friendly, and plastic-free. They focus on:

  • Saving the planet every step of the way.
  • Using handmade products, all organic with natural ingredients.
  • Providing only premium products for customers to enjoy!

Mossy Barber started with the desire to give expression to men who truly possess great integrity, resilience, and sustainability. Through a carefully thought-out process, was birthed to serve that purpose. They believe that confidence stems out from the perception of a functional self-image. Moreover, their store is stocked with products that have been tested, trusted and certified environment-friendly and organic. Saving the earth, the Mossy Barber way!


Please reach out to [email protected] for any questions.

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