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fmtc favorite board games

Sure- it’s awesome to go out and enjoy a night of appetizers and beverages on the town. But sometimes, grabbing family and friends to enjoy a casual night playing board games is the way to go.  At FMTC, we are pretty big fans of both card and board games. Check out some of our top picks to make sure your next game night is a success, or better yet- get some great ideas for last minute gifts for the game nut on your holiday list!


Sometimes, game selection depends on who you are playing with, for sure. But a good choice that is not too long and involves strategy is Blockus.

Larissa Feuerstein


Amy Powell

Euchre is her favorite game ever, and only requires a deck of cards (how handy!) She loves it so much she has taught her boys to play, too. When the Powell family takes a break from Euchre, Farkle is their next choice.

Eric Nagel


Neal Jacobson

Neal’s top pick to play with the family is Murder Mystery Mansion.

Nicole Quinby

Have you heard of Munchkins? They have a quite a few different versions and all guarantee a fun time.

Megan Bireta


Amy Walsh

Amy prefers games requiring strategy, which is why she loves to play Stratego. Are you looking for a different version, look no further- check this one out.

Rachel Honoway


Kim Cashwell

Kim usually plays Scrabble, but loves grabbing her siblings to play a rousing game of Apples to Apples.

Christine Coulombe


Chrystal Roessler

Her family loves the game “Spoons” and all you need are some spoons (yes, from the kitchen) and a deck of cards. Alright, did mom tell you to get out of the kitchen? You could pick up this instead.

FMTC’s Top 3

1. Cards Against Humanity

2. Loaded Questions

3. Settlers of Catan

Do you have a game suggestion for the team? We would love to hear them!


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