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Formulated by Dr. Antony Nakhla, Eighth Day products are designed to regenerate, repair, renew, and restore the skin’s appearance to its optimal health and beauty.

Why Eighth Day?

Eighth Day formulas are bioidentical — that is, we use synthesized ingredients that are biologically identical to the molecules already found in your skin. By doing so, we speak the language of skin and communicate directly to skin cells in their own native tongue, harnessing the power of modern skin technology to affect real results.

Eighth Day was born when Dr. Nakhla made the connection between the stem cells and nutrient-rich membranes he was using to heal open wounds and the transformative effect the same blend of synthetic bioidentical peptides, growth factors, and amino acids could deliver deep within the skin via high-potency topical delivery systems.

Formulated in a clinical setting, Eighth Day products undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum efficacy and measurable skin changes.

The best products, with the highest-quality ingredients, in the purest form, at the appropriate strength, and in the correct combination.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Custom commission rates and attribution that reward your marketing efforts with appropriate compensation
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  • A complete product datafeed updated regularly with new products and out-of-stock items
  • Free shipping to U.S. addresses with no minimum
  • Free samples sent with all orders
  • Rewards program for purchasers where they can redeem points for product discounts
  • Managed by Goodsell Marketing

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Eighth Day is taking responsibility to become a sustainable brand. Where possible, glass product bottles are recyclable, plastic containers are reusable, and boxes are made from T-shirt and denim scraps.

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