Back-to-School Season is Easy With FMTC and SheerID!

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back to school season is easy with fmtc and sheerid

Back-to-School Season is Easy With FMTC and SheerID!

One of FMTC’s benefits is the ability to add value to many flat offers and deals from the networks, such as categorizing and adding proprietary ratings. As we announced a few months ago, FMTC has begun categorizing deals to highlight Group Discounts, including those for students and teachers (in addition to military and first responder).

While these deals may be found by parsing our feed for the Student and Teacher categories, golden opportunities from merchants like LL Bean, Vineyard Vines, LOFT, and Zulily may be found in the ‘gated’ offers, powered by SheerID. These ‘deal types’ may also be accessed with just a few keystrokes. Find them among the tens of thousands of deals which make up our feed on a daily basis.

Sharpen those pencils and buckle up — this back-to-school season is just the beginning of what will again be a record year for eCommerce. There will be a deeper focus on the affiliate ecosystem, and FMTC will be in stride with you.

-Jason Kalish

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