Affiliate Roundup: Pinterest, Social Media Step Up E-Commerce Strategies

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

Affiliate Roundup: Pinterest, Social Media Step Up E-Commerce Strategies

This week affiliate news is dominated by big players in social media. From shoppable product tags to AR try-on tools, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are going all-in on affiliate marketing. Stay up to date on the latest developments that can impact your company’s social media strategies.


Best Practices, Explainers, and Predictions

Publisher Discovery: Get your free Guide – 35 Top Tips

Publisher Discovery compiled 35 tips on streamlining an affiliate marketing program. One of the best tips they cover: using a datafeed provider to help manage and distribute affiliate links. This tip is especially useful for larger publishers who would spend hours and resources cleaning and categorizing links. Featured in this guide is the FMTC product feed, which allows clients to quickly access and monetize products from their partners. Learn more about our product feed and the API endpoints used to process data in this article.

Download “35 Top Tips for Your Affiliate Program”

Source: Publisher Discovery


Riding the Waves of Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2021

More than halfway through 2021, the affiliate industry stays on top of marketing trends. Lifestyle, wellness, pet care, personal finance, and technology continue to dominate in this post-pandemic era. Keep an eye on these niches — they are expected to remain popular for years to come. Lifestyle and wellness, for example, is poised to breach $6 trillion by 2025.

Source: Newsaffinity


Affiliate Marketing Publisher Guide for 2021 – All You Need to Know

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, this introductory guide will teach you the basics. Learn what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and who the major players are. It also goes over the different types of affiliate publishers, such as bloggers, voucher sites, and review sites. This up-to-date guide explains how affiliate marketing will remain strong in 2021 and beyond.

Source: ShareASale


5 New Social Media Features Affiliates Should Know About

The big players of social media unveiled new features that bring affiliates even closer to their customers. YouTube launched Super Thanks to supplement the Super Chat feature they released in 2017, giving creators another avenue to generate income. Instagram now allows users to save their story as a draft; this gives them the ability to curate a story before publishing, leading to higher-quality content. Twitter’s TweetDeck allows users to manage a number of Twitter accounts from one location, increasing customer engagement. TikTok’s Jumps enables users to link to third-party owned programs when they upload, letting affiliates earn sales commissions. Finally, Snapchat gave its popular Bitmoji feature a 3D facelift. Bitmoji continues to be a popular way to promote groups and services to a younger audience.

Source: Affiliate Insider


The Dramatic Acceleration of Remote Work, and the Effect it’s Having on the Performance Marketing Industry

With remote work gaining steam well into 2021, employers need to understand its pitfalls. Businesses with a remote team should ensure their employees are productive in their work environment. This means giving employees access to the best equipment and tools, including fast broadband. With remote work, it’s even more important to establish a process that tracks goals and monitors performance. To maintain communication and teamwork, employers should provide social channels through platforms like Slack.

Source: PerformanceIN


Affiliate Drive Time Week 29 – What should go into an affiliate program contract?

When creating an affiliate contract, make sure to include these key components: the services you expect an affiliate to deliver; the terms in which an affiliate can gain a commission; the time of the contract; where and how an affiliate will promote your brand; when and how an affiliate will be paid; the benefits of the contract; confidentiality, licenses, and liability clauses; conflicts of the contract; and dispute resolutions if problems arise. Above all, the most important step when creating an affiliate contract is to consult a lawyer to check that these foundations are in place.

Source: Affiliate Insider


Affiliate: A Saving Grace For Marketers In The Wake Of Third-Party Cookies

With the end of third-party cookies on the horizon, affiliate marketing will keep the industry afloat. One of the biggest problems with third-party cookies: aggressive firehose tactics were used in lieu of value-driven, personalized advertising. It’s up to affiliate marketers now to prioritize authenticity in their marketing efforts. This includes fostering strong relationships with publishers to reach an engaged audience. When affiliates can organically integrate advertising into their content, they improve their consumer’s online experience.

Source: Forbes


M&A, New Entrants and Features

Pinterest rolls out new features that let creators make money from pins

Pinterest has updated their Idea Pins, a video-first feature they launched earlier this year, with shoppable product tags. When a customer clicks on a tag, they can purchase directly from the Pinterest app. Creators can now earn commissions on affiliate links and brand sponsored content. Other monetization features include support for programs like Rakuten and ShopStyle; creators can generate additional revenue from their recommendations.

Source: TechCrunch


Twitter’s Shop Module pilot adds a product carousel to profiles

Twitter announced on Wednesday that Shop Modules will be available to select brands. This new feature allows profiles to be “shoppable.” Brands can showcase their products in a dedicated section at the top of their profiles. For now, Shop Modules are rolling out with a handful of U.S.-based companies and is only accessible by users in the U.S. who use Twitter in English on iOS devices.

Source: MarTech


E-commerce skyrocketed during the pandemic. Now Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat want in.

Social media platforms are rolling out new features that bring merchants closer to their customers. Traditionally a photo-sharing app, Instagram is pivoting to video and messaging to allow creators to make even more sales and earn affiliate income. Facebook partnered with brands such as Sephora and Abercrombie & Fitch for a summer livestream shopping series. TikTok jumped in on brand partnership, too. The popular app worked with Walmart for their own livestream events. Snapchat and Pinterest are promoting their AR try-on tools with brands like Gucci and Urban Decay. These features come in the wake of WeChat’s success in the social media market in China.

Source: Retail Dive


Sovrn Holdings, Inc. Acquires Monetizer101 to Expand Affiliate Marketing Tools for Publishers

Sovrn Holdings, Inc, a publisher-focused technology company, announced the acquisition of Monetizer101, a price and merchant comparison shopping solution for publishers. Monetizer101 provides comparison tools as well as in-depth reports to help publishers improve conversion rates and generate higher revenue.

Source: Cision


Case Studies, Profiles, and Awards

Button & Partnerize Join Forces to Enable Optimization Across Paid Marketing Spend

Button and Partnerize are working to improve their clients’ mobile ecosystem. According to Button CEO Michael Jaconi, “Button’s mobile optimization software increases marketers’ ROAS on all digital channels, and with Partnerize, the performance partnerships channel will now see these benefits.” This partnership comes at a time when advertisers are exploring new ways to reach their customers via mobile, a shift that was accelerated by the pandemic.

Source: Button


Events, Webinars, and Podcasts

What to Expect at CJU21 Virtual Connect: Session Lineup

CJU21 Virtual Connect will be on Tuesday, September 14. Highlights include:

  • CEO Keynote & Leadership Discussion: Defining Affiliate’s Opportunity — Keynote speech from Mayuresh Kshetramade, CEO of CJ Affiliate.
  • What’s Your Mobile Strategy? — Discussion on the newest tactics to reach mobile shoppers.
  • From Discovery to Purchase: Unlocking the Affiliate Customer Journey — Customer interactions with publishers using CJ’s Insights dashboard.

Registration opens on Tuesday, August 3.

Source: Junction


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