Affiliate Roundup: SKAdNetwork, Loyalty Programs, and More

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How will advertisers fare with the barriers to user privacy? Sound preparation and frameworks like SKAdNetwork might provide solutions. Merchants and advertisers should also leverage loyalty programs and money-saving strategies like coupons to lure and retain customers. Find the best tips for affiliates and merchants each week in our Affiliate Roundup!

Best Practices, Explainers and Predictions

Rewards Programmes and Web 3 – Driving ‘Brand Valuable’ Behaviour and Loyalty

How merchants should prepare for the arrival of user-centric Web 3.

Source: PerformanceIN

WTF is a SKAdNetwork?

Advertisers must navigate increasingly stringent data privacy policies. Enter: SKAdNetwork.

Source: PerformanceIN

Case Studies, Profiles and Awards

Button Surpasses $1 Billion in Mobile Commerce as Momentum Builds in 2022

Button announces its solutions generated $1 billion in mobile commerce from January to May 2022.

Source: Martech Series

Rakuten Travel Research Shows How Consumers Search For Deals

Affiliates and deals play significant roles in how consumers travel.

Source: MediaPost

Events, Webinars and Podcasts

Why Coupon is not a Dirty Word

Why coupons are important tools in your strategy to win over today’s consumers.

Source: Flex Your Hustle

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