Affiliate Roundup: Cookie Crumbles

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

The industry has long been warned that third-party cookies have an expiration date . . . but did it listen?

This week, we have cookies — first-party and third-party kinds. While one article looks at how these cookies affects the industry, another article argues that it is not heeding the warnings. These topics and more in this week’s affiliate roundup!

Best Practices, Explainers and Predictions

This Is What’s Driving the Next Wave of Growth in Affiliate Marketing

How affiliate network tracking platforms laid the foundation for the success of cashback and loyalty programs.

Source: Entrepreneur

Thriving in 2022: The Post-Third Party Cookie Landscape

In the wake of major browsers limiting or doing away entirely with third-party cookies, first-party cookies remain intact.


WTF Is Web 3 and What Does It Mean for Performance Marketing?

Parsing Web 3 and how it might affect the performance marketing industry.

Source: PerformanceIN

Events, Webinars and Podcasts

Awin Talks: LTK and the Creator Economy

Robin Ward of LTK visits the podcast to discuss the relationship between influencer and performance marketing.

Source: Awin

Publisher Technology: The Next Big Step in Affiliate Innovation

Adam Weiss sits down with Saad Siddiqui of Bonsai, Jesse Lakes of Geniuslink, and Monica Lent of Affilimate.

Source: Martech Record

Affiliate Adjacent

Ad Tech Is Inherently Opaque. But You Down With Translucency? (Yeah, You Know Me.)

An argument for “translucency” in ad tech.

Source: AdExchanger

From Alphabet to Meta – What Do Q1 Earnings Mean for Advertisers?

Three takeaways from platform giants’ Q1 2022 Earnings Calls.

Source: PerformanceIN

IAB warns of ‘measurement blackout’ as marketer priorities remain misaligned

A warning that the industry might not be as worried about third-party cookies as it should be.

Source: Marketing Dive

Meta Shares Plunge As Facebook Reports First User Loss, Warns Of Ad Slowdown

Meta suffers heavy losses after Facebook loses a million daily active users.

Source: MediaPost

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