Affiliate Roundup: Blurred Lines and Big Moves

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

Blurred Lines and Big Moves

The space between merchants, affiliates, and consumers is getting smaller. This week’s roundup highlights big moves in social commerce that may impact your affiliate marketing strategy. Stay up to date on the latest news.


Best Practices, Explainers, and Predictions

The Increasingly Blurred Lines Between Influencer and Performance Marketing

An argument for merging affiliate and influencers under the performance management team.

Source: PerformanceIN


Online gift guides are playing a bigger — and more difficult — role for brands

Affiliate is a big part of this trend.

Source: Digiday


Case Studies, Profiles, and Awards

Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools: Affilimate

Geniuslink reviews affiliate dashboard tool Affilimate.

Source: Geniuslink


Affiliate Adjacent

Court Confirms 1-800 Contacts’ Antitrust Victory Against FTC

An interesting ruling in favor of 1-800-Contacts, which took legal action against competitors (not affiliates) for infringing on its trademarks in paid search.

Source: MediaPost


Verizon Media Makes Big Move To Process Ecommerce Transactions As It Transitions To Yahoo

Verizon Media and TikTok also get into the retailer game.

Source: MediaPost


TikTok and Shopify introduce TikTok Shopping

In more social commerce news, consumers can now purchase from TikTok “mini-shops.”

Source: MarTech


Linktree partners with PayPal to allow users globally to accept direct payments

This new integration further streamlines merchant and customer interaction.

Source: TechCrunch


YouTube Surpasses 2 Million Creators In Monetization Program

YouTube boasts an impressive pool of monetized channels.

Source: MediaPost


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