Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 12-01-2020

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 12-01-20

The text that accompanies each article is a summary or a quote from the respective article. As always, if you have an affiliate marketing news story that you’d like us to share, there is a submission link at the bottom of this post. 

International Performance Marketing Awards: 2020 Winners

Check out the big winners in a variety of categories.

Source: PerformanceIN

Common KPIs in Affiliate Marketing

Nine KPIs that most high-performance affiliate marketing programs pay attention to.

Source: Acceleration Partners

Automation Enables a New Breed of B2B Partnership

Managing and measuring the ROI of these partnerships at scale has until now been challenging.

Source: Impact

How to Make Money as an Affiliate Publisher Partner: 4 Quick Tips

No matter what type of publisher partner you are, here are some tips to becoming a  revenue-generating affiliate.

Source: Pepperjam

6 Tweaks to Streamline the Checkout Process 

Ecommerce should see significant spikes this holiday season and merchants need speedy, no-hassle checkout processes.

Source: Practical Ecommerce

20 Free Twitter Tools for Small Businesses 

Free tools to track and manage followers, discover and share content, monitor brand presence, run group chats, and more.

Source: Practical Ecommerce

Winners and Losers of Black Friday 2020

Online sales, curbside, and store pickup all surged.

Source: MarketingDive

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