Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 04-02-2021

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 04-02-21

Lucky You! This week we have two affiliate roundups for you. Going forward, you can look forward to seeing the roundup every Friday. Talk about ending on a high note. Here is the latest news affecting affiliate marketing so you can stay informed, think about how it applies to your business, and decide what improvements you can make to keep pace with the ever-evolving affiliate space.

M&A, New Entrants, and Features

Yahoo’s Latest Redesign

Yahoo’s redesign comes as an already competitive media industry tries to strengthen first-party data sets that can be used for content personalization and advertising, as forced changes to data collection (including the loss of third-party cookies in Chrome browsers) grow nearer and are poised to force a reckoning.

Source: Digiday

Should the Affiliate Channel be Managed by Sales or Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has suffered as many businesses see it as a function and cost of the marketing department, which is often viewed as an expenditure. Chris Tradgett argues that it may be more logical for affiliate marketing to operate under the sales umbrella as companies shift toward performance advertising.

Source: Martech Record

The Future Of Affiliate Marketing In Our Current Climate

As a result of COVID-19 and the changes in everyday life in 2020, our community is grasping the convenience of online living. Competition is growing, trends are changing and as affiliates, we need to be mindful of that. In order to soar above our competitors, we need to know our audience and their new habits/mindset.

Source: All Inclusive Marketing

Trackonomics is Now Part of the Impact Family

The Trackonomics supply-side platform (SSP) provides full revenue attribution at the page and the link level – telling publishers exactly how every page is performing and helping them decide who to partner with across all segments and networks in the industry.

Source: Impact

PerformanceIN’s Movers and Shakers: March 2021

Catch up with March’s industry movers and shakers, with new hires from Merkle, The Ozone Project, Impact, and more.

Source: PerformanceIN

Announcing Keynote Speakers For Virtual Conference

The PMA will be hosting its first-ever virtual conference in April and the keynote speakers will be Carolyn Kmet and Chris Tradgett. The keynote speakers will be kicking off the daily events on April 21 and 22, and you will be able to join in from the comfort of your home or office.

Source: PMA

Best Practices

Study on Understanding Consumer Ad Preferences & Online Data Regulations

Deciding how to approach customers and reach new ones as the industry navigates a post-cookie and post-identity reality isn’t easy. These findings from thousands of consumers in the US and UK shows they do not believe their online data is secure and don’t understand how it is used.

Source: MediaPost

Affiliate Marketing Platform Recommendations

An affiliate platform buyer’s guide of platform recommendations by user priorities.

Source: Martech Record

The Difference Between Deterministic and Probabilistic Identity Data

Deterministic data is information that is known to be true and accurate; Probabilistic data is created from information such as a device’s operating system or IP address, and compiled to puzzle together a conclusion. In the case of ad tech, probabilistic data can be used to create an identifier.

Source: Digiday

How to Use a Link Rotator and Why You Should

A link rotator is a unique link that allows you to route traffic to different destinations. The impact of using a link rotator can be dramatic because it allows testing some level of efficacy resulting from sending the traffic to destination A vs. destination B.

Source: Genius Blog

Profiles & Podcasts

Max Ciccotosto, Impact CPO, on Impact Partnership Cloud

Impact is transforming the way brands, publishers, affiliates, bloggers, creators, influencers, and others manage and optimize their partnerships through their automation solution called the Partnership Cloud.

Source: iTechnology Series

Acceleration Partner Spotlight: Satish Jayakumar, Co-Founder and COO at Increasingly

Increasingly uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create on-site and off-site product bundling to help increase buyer spend.

Source: Acceleration Partners

PerformanceIN’s Spotlight on Inspiring Women in Performance Marketing

PerformancIN’s readers submitted some of the women that have recently inspired them as trailblazers in their careers in the performance marketing industry.

Source: PerformanceIN

The Secret to Ibotta’s Success

Colorado’s Ibotta has paid out more than $860 million in cash rewards to more than 40 million users since their founding in 2012, and they’re known as a leader in “instant” cashback and for offering savings both in-store and online.

Source: Impact

Evan Weber’s Insights in the Affiliate Insider Marketing Podcast

Industry legend Evan Weber shares his extensive knowledge of the industry, including how to grow a successful affiliate marketing program and his insights on where affiliate marketing is heading.

Source: Affiliate Insider

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