How is affiliate faring during these times of uncertainty?

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Up and Down in the Squall

Written by Brook Schaaf

In May, I expressed my hope that our little space, i.e., affiliate, would continue to grow despite turbulence in the larger economy.

On the one hand, this hope seems to have been fulfilled: more and more programs come online, the PMA’s recent survey estimated $9.1B in 2021 spending (47% growth over 2018), and online retail sales continue to grow.

On the other hand, the US had two quarters of negative economic growth (the traditional marker for a recession), inflation here and abroad had hit 40-year marks, there is a looming winter energy (whereby spending) crisis in Europe, and, much closer to home, announced layoffs last week. That we’re in an election year in the US doesn’t help with the fear and anxiety.

Moreover, we may be closer to the beginning than to the end of this.

In this time of uncertainty, I will reiterate my hope: affiliate marketing has among the strongest financial fundamentals and looks toward growth, even in bleak times. For example, FMTC is hiring right now. 🙂

And better yet, the election will be behind us in just a few months.

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