4 More Tips on Working Remotely from the FMTC Team

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Due to current events, the demand for remote work is skyrocketing like we’ve never seen before.  Some employees excel working from home, but some may struggle with the transition.  If you are one of these struggling people, here are some tips and tricks from the FMTC team to increase your productivity at home and make that transition a little smoother. 


Invest in Your Workspace


First, it’s important to invest in a quiet space and equipment tailored to your occupation. Below are a few useful tools that have worked for our team:


Try a Numeric Keypad


Many at-home jobs require that you work with numbers online.  At FMTC, our data processing team is almost constantly working with them. Having that top row of numbers on your keyboard is great, but doesn’t get the job done quick enough.  


Because of this, I’ve found that one of the most helpful pieces of equipment to have is a numeric keypad.  Some computers and laptops come with this feature, some do not.  If you do not have one on your keyboard, a quick search on Amazon will provide you with a small bluetooth numeric keypad.  These also have useful formatting buttons like Tab, Backspace, and Enter, all conveniently placed in one row. 


Try Chrome Extensions 


Google Chrome has its own store that allows you to browse and install extensions, mostly for free.  Extensions are small modifications for your computer that all serve a different purpose.  There are plenty of extensions you can install to increase your productivity while working from home.


For example, one of my favorites is called CrxMouse. This extension allows you to navigate your tabs much quicker and easier with mouse gestures.  It makes it very convenient to do repetitive tasks such as moving to the tab on the right or left, going to the previous page, copying text, and much more.  You can even customize your own gestures!


Find Ways to Stay Awake


Coffee.  Lots of coffee.  Being caffeinated has been proven to enhance your focus and productivity by significant amounts.  By sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time, it’s almost too easy to become drowsy.  It also helps to dress up a bit instead of staying in sweatpants.


Stick to Your Schedule


Finally, make sure to stick to your schedule.  With the flexibility of your work, you’ll need to have self discipline.  Some days, you’ll have to prioritize work over errands or recreation, which can be difficult.


These are just a few of the tips and tricks we’ve picked up on over our time with FMTC.  Using these tips, I’ve seen a noticeable increase in my efficiency and productivity.  You may find that using these tips will help you be as efficient as

possible, thus more successful in your work.


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