Program Managers: Time to Prep for Fall & Q4!

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Although you’re probably still feeling summer heat and kids are barely heading back to school, Autumn is almost here. That means it’s time to start preparing for the new season and making sure your affiliate program is ready to hit the ground running for Q4.

Here are a few things you should add to your to-do list:


Site Updates


It’s time to switch out your summer website features with fresh fall ones. If you have any fall-specific products, you can create a special page or images just for those products. I’ve already seen lots of fall items being pinned on Pinterest, so it’s on consumers’ minds already (get ready for pumpkin everything!). I’ve even seen some merchants update their logos in the past to be more fall-oriented with leaves, pumpkins, or different colors.


Special Promotions


The next major holiday is Labor Day on September 3rd, but you can also use the fall season to create special promotions. Even if you don’t necessarily have any fall-specific merchandise, you can still celebrate the change of seasons. We see tons of special coupon codes come through our feed. A few examples are FALL20 for 20% off, WELCOMEFALL for any discount, or FALLSHIP for free shipping offers.


Fall Creatives


For all those great fall promotions you’ll be creating, don’t forget to make new banners as well! You can use these on your website and also make them available for affiliates. Making various sizes available is also very helpful.


Q4 Game Plan


Thinking about Q4 yet? Hopefully, you are brainstorming and coming up with an agenda. I’ve already had some merchants reach out asking about Q4 placements and media kits, so it wouldn’t hurt to know what your budget is and start booking some extra exposure. Placements with publishers and at FMTC will start to fill up fast – don’t wait too long! Being organized and prepared for the most crucial season will help Thanksgiving-Christmas go as smooth as possible.

Best of luck getting ready for fall and Q4!

If you want to learn how FMTC can help you add a boost to your Q4 promotions, send us an email! I’ll be happy to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.


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