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Change Commerce

Our evolving retail marketplace demands, now more than ever, that companies have an authentic, public-facing corporate social responsibility plan. The first of its kind to market, Change Commerce offers exactly that, empowering consumers with control over which cause will receive the brand’s donation, directly from the retail cart.

So lightweight that it can be installed in an afternoon, Change Commerce makes retailer giving personal in a brand new way. From their local PTAs to national nonprofits, shoppers easily search and choose from over 1.4 million charities or select one of the retailer’s featured causes. Once chosen, that organization will receive a donation from the brand, equal to 1% or more of the shopper’s purchase total.

Change Commerce introduces a powerful new way for brands to not only give back, but to compete against Amazon’s growing market share and the AmazonSmile program. Change Commerce enables retailers to expand their corporate social responsibility strategy in a way that is uniquely personal to their customers, creating a one-to-one relationship. Furthermore, the lightweight widget provides a more clear and cohesive user experience than any competitors, as it integrates fully and quickly into the retail site.


Change for a Cause

Beyond the technology, the entire Change Commerce program is a dedicated partnership, from the hands-on integration team to the cohesive and tailored corporate social responsibility strategy that will build customer trust and loyalty through charitable giving. Change Commerce donates a minimum of 1% back from every purchase through its fully managed and tax-deductible program.

Most importantly, Change Commerce is the only product to allow the customer to choose a cause directly from the retailer’s website, allowing your brand to offer a personalized giving experience and to connect with customers on an emotional level. Retailers will receive a full report of valuable data and insights based on that customer’s nonprofit affinity to utilize in other marketing channels.


ShoppingGives Partnership

Our core platform,, is filled with fundraising organizations, engaged and consistently sharing out their message and mission with their supporters. As we build a community of nonprofits and retailers, the mutual benefits of supporting one another will take each other’s goals to new heights.

Change Commerce

Through participation in the Change Commerce program, brands receive a fully supported experience to grow their Corporate Social Responsibility. We work directly with retailers to facilitate partnerships with relevant nonprofits through social media and email campaigns. In addition, Change Commerce merchants are offered complimentary premium placement through our shopping portal which is used to re-engage and manage nonprofit fundraising.


Empowering Retailers

Accepting the challenge to play the role as the David to Amazon’s Goliath, ShoppingGives empowers all retailers to actively create a giving opportunity with every purchase. Increasing both impact for nonprofits and loyalty for retailers, solving two core problems with a single technology, we create change one transaction at a time.

There is an opportunity for a fundamental change in the way brands engage with their customers, how they support their communities, and grow their bottom line. Nonprofits are limited on both time and money and require a more active and engaged community to maintain and grow. Through ShoppingGives, we make this possible with a single technology.


Here are the facts on impact:

  • 70% of Millennials will spend more on brands supporting causes they care about.
  • 91% of Millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause.
  • 88% of Millennials would be more loyal to a company who gives back.

Since launching Change Commerce in June 2018, our early partners have seen anywhere between 2-9% conversion rate lift and up to 8% AOV lift when Change Commerce was added to their brand messaging.

To learn more or schedule a demo, book time with the ShoppingGives team here.

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