Publisher Discovery – New Service for Program Managers!

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Publisher Discovery


We have some exciting news for program managers! We are now partnering with Publisher Discovery, an amazing tool that helps you find new affiliates. Their platform allows you to enter your domain as well as those of your competitors in order to find affiliates who are a great fit for your brand. AI is used to rank and match these affiliates to an advertiser’s specific needs – all in a clear and easy to use interface.


Publisher Discovery


You are also able to see how relevant each publisher is to your brand, based on how many similar advertisers they work with, and you can also see their traffic score. As you’re going through each affiliate, you can favorite them or hide any that you don’t think would be a good fit. Additionally, Publisher Discovery provides contact information for these affiliates so that you can reach out and start a partnership.

You are now able to access the platform directly through your FMTC account – all you have to do is request access and then you’ll be able to signup. You can see the different packages as well as pricing here.

Let us know if you have any questions!


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