Connect Your Audience With Products They Love With  FMTC’s Universal Product Feed

Tap into structured product data, and grow your monetization, with more than 100,000,000 products from 14,000 merchants and 10,000 brands!


Your Monetization Possibilities Are Limitless With A Product Feed…

“FMTC’s Product Feed provides an immense amount of data organized from multiple sources.  API calls are returned quickly allowing us to collect up to date information.”

– Matt Diamond, MOTOM

Technical Features

1. Enable the Product Feed right from your FMTC account and access by API.

2. When you add Product Feeds, we’ll automatically add product data to your account based on your existing affiliate relationships, including dynamically populated, trackable affiliate links.

3. FMTC provides a clean, structured product feed.

4. Product feed data includes fields for product name, brand name, merchant, description, price, image, product SKU, and product URL.


Pricing Options

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