Subscription Details

Subscription Details

US Subscriptions

Our standard subscription includes 169,155 deals from US merchants. Our coupon mini subscription includes all US deals with coupon codes and free shipping offers, while the premium subscription includes these as well as CA and local deals. These are also available as add-ons.

  • US Deals
  • Total Merchants
Subscription Details

UK Subscriptions

These subscription levels include all 5,433 merchants/stores in the UK and those that ship to the UK. There are currently 8,853 deals in the UK Premium subscription, and 2,136 in the UK Coupon Mini subscription.

  • UK Merchants/Stores
  • UK Premium Deals
  • UK Coupon Mini Deals
Subscription Details

Australian Subscriptions

These subscription levels include all 4,792 merchants/stores in Australia, and those with ship-to options for Australia. There are currently 5,969 deals in the Australian Premium subscription, and 1,643 in the Australian Coupon Mini subscription.

  • Australian Merchants/Stores
  • Australian Premium Deals
  • Australian Coupon Mini Deals
Subscription Details

Canada Subscriptions

These subscription levels include all 85,749 CA Deals merchants/stores with Canada listed as the primary country. There are currently 667 deals in the Canadian Premium subscription, and 667 in the Canadian Coupon Mini subscription.

  • Canadian Merchants/Stores
  • Canadian Premium Deals
  • Canadian Coupon Mini Deals
Subscription Details

Local Deal Subscriptions

Looking for a source of data to fill your local deal site or app?

Our Local Deals Feed regularly has 61,769 deals pulled from top merchants and networks. Our Data Engineers clean, categorize and standardize the content – giving you offers you can display through geo-targeting.

  • Local Merchants
  • Local Deals Available

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