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Working with FMTC means we provide your affiliate deals to top-publishers via our automated feeds. We focus on quality content and make sure each deal is human verified.

Quality data takes time so there can be a delay in when your offers get added to our feed. We know that getting deals on publishers’ sites is of utmost importance, so we created our Premium Processing Queues. This expedites the verification process for premium merchants & OPMs.

Anytime we pull a new offer from the networks, that deal goes straight to our premium queues to be processed first. We wanted to highlight the benefits of this feature by sharing some stats on processing times for merchants during this past Q4.

We compared the coupon and deal processing times of all our free merchants (almost 12,000) and our 400+ premium merchants. The times are in hours and date from October 2018 to December 2018.

After Q4, we took it a step further and implemented a new premium processing time guarantee. The guarantee ensures all premium deals will be available to publishers within an hour of being added to our queues. You can see the details here.

If you’d like more information about the premium account or would like to upgrade, please let us know! You can also view our premium deck that includes information on each feature, as well as pricing, here.

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