OPMs & Agencies – New Monthly Report Available

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We know getting your offers to publishers is a high priority, so we like to be as transparent as possible and help optimize your offers in our feed. If you have an OPM/agency account with us, then you should be receiving a weekly performance report on all your clients in our system. In this weekly report, you can see up-to-date information on the deals we are providing to publishers for your program(s). Now, we have added an option to receive a monthly report as well.

In the weekly report, you’re able to see how many deals were processed for a particular program within the last 7 days. We also include the average processing time per program. This refers to how long it takes for us to verify the deals and add them to our feed. Lastly, we include the number of publishers accessing the offers for that program.

You can now choose to get a monthly performance report by simply checking a box on your account settings page.

If you prefer monthly reports over weekly, simply uncheck the “Weekly Program Report Email” from the Email Updates section. Then, select the “Monthly Program Report Email” option.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information about these reports, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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